Power Pop Madness – Round Of 32

The Power Pop Bracket – Round Of 32

Hi music fans!

The Round Of 32 has ended!

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The voting for this round ended at Midnight on Monday, Feb. 20th.

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The opening round saw most higher seeds advance, some by the slimmest of margins.  The highest seed to fall was 2-seed "Couldn't I Just Tell You" which fell to "Ticket To Ride" (#15).  Other double-digit seeds to advance were; "I Saw The Light" (#13),  Someday Someway (#10) and "Good Girls Don't" (#11).

Many good match-ups pepper the round of 32.

        * Borack Regional
                     #1 "Surrender" faces "In The Street" famous as the theme to "That '70's Show". Later covered by Cheap Trick!
                      #3 "The Kids Are Alright" versus "Tonight" should be a titanic battle.

         * Oakes Regional
                      The Byrds face Badfinger as "I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better" meets "Baby Blue".

                      "A Million Miles Away" will take on "Please Please Me". Can that Beatles song take out another Power Pop classic?

         * Brodeen Regional
                      Can #15 "Ticket To Ride" continue its run vs. "Sick Of Myself"?
                      The 4-5 match-up of "My Sharona" and "I'm On Fire" should be fascinating.

          * Bash Regional
                     "No Matter What" and "Shake Some Action" still seem destined to clash in the regional final.
                      I am really curious about the strength of "Hanging On The Telephone". Cinderella anyone?

The winners move on to the Sweet Sixteen!

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